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Tally Support Tools: 
With our expertise and feedback from our customers, we have developed various add-ons to meet new business challenges and support systems to deliver at ease. We study your unique requirement and develop programs to enhance the efficiency of your system.

The following are the some of the software programs, which can be easily added to your existing ‘Tally’:

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1. Printing of Invoices and other Reports with your company’s ‘Logo’ 

2. Voucher Type Security 

3. Master creation control 

4. Voucher Deletion Control 

5. Ledger Group-wise Security 

6. Audit Trail and Transaction Modification Tracking Module 

7. Voucher Authorisation 

8. Recycle bin for Tally 

9. Import data from Excel to Tally 

10. Tally Data Integration 
  11. Cost Centre-wise Profit & Loss Statement
  12. Cost Centre-wise Balance Sheet Statement
  13. Cost Centre-wise Trial Balance
  14. Fixed Assets module
  15. Simple Sales Invoice Customisation
  16. Advanced Customised Invoices for Pre-printed Stationery
  17. GST Inclusive rates support (Reverse Calculation)
  18. Customised Solutions

Besides above Programs, we help you to meet the ever evolving needs of your business. We can assist you in unlocking the complete power of Tally, so that you can benefit from solutions and beyond-box services that are tailor-made to suit the changing needs of your business.

Your company is like no other—your requirements from Tally may be just as unique.

We can customize your Invoice, Voucher formats, develop an entirely new report that is unique to your requirement and even change input screens to capture additional data required by you.  Just call us now and we do the rest.



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